No One Saw This Coming! Microsoft Exclusive: Cuphead Is Coming to Switch 

Cuphead, a shoot-em-up and a  “sort-of Indie game”, developed by a subsidiary of Microsoft is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 18th.  Cuphead is most notable for its 1930 ’s hand-drawn aesthetic and also its “rage worthy” difficulty.

  Cuphead coming to Switch a clear signal of the growing sense of camaraderie between Microsoft and Nintendo. Fans of the game and those who have yet to play it are now excited to play it on the go as only the Nintendo Switch can offer this feature.

 This news also poses the question of what other offerings will be born from the collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft. Perhaps it could mean Banjo & Kazooie are making their way to Smash Brothers. The duo has been highly requested for years and now very well may be their time to enter the fray. While we are at it, Cuphead himself may pour his way into Smash Bros as well. All I know is, its exciting times for gamers across platforms. 


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